Saturday, March 7, 2009

Bad start to beautiful day!

It's hard to believe that we were shoveling snow just 4 days ago on our last tour and today the temperature was 80 degrees! WOW what a swing in the weather. Station 3 seems to think we've been laying around the beach today (check their blog post here) but I can assure you that the "Melrose Misfits" have been on the job and at the ready. We started the morning in the worst way imaginable. In our profession, we have to see and do things that most people never think about. Every member has their own way of dealing with such incidents but it's always harder when there's children involved. Our first run of the day was for a 1 yr old infant not breathing. The stress level increases about 10 fold. Firefighters always give 110% but sadly, the outcome wasn't what we were hoping for. I will move past this subject by saying how proud I am of the effort the boys gave and how well they handled themselves on such a difficult call (I should also add a special "Thanks" to Capt. Bocock, our C-shift EMS supervisor who responded and rode in with the boys). Our thoughts and prayers are with the family. Well, with that behind us; we gathered ourselves together and began to move through the day. Chip beef gravy and biscuits, scrambled eggs, hash browns, and Bacon filled the boy's bellys ( I don't think they eat very well over 4 day breaks). Normal station duties and YES, contrary to station #3's belief, we did a little training. FDC hook ups and some pump drills. It was just too nice not to be outside.

Routine calls scattered through the day but we fully expect business to increase tonight. It seems everyone had the same idea for dinner so we too rolled out the grill for mushroom and swiss burgers. We snapped a shot for the brothers and sisters at #3 because it's most likely the most fire they'll see tonight (haha).
After another fabulous meal prepared by our "ninja cook" we broke the ol "corn hole" boards out. Now, for all you dirty minded's not that kind of "corn hole". It's a board and bag game also known as "baggo". The bags you toss are filled with corn, the object is to toss it through the hole in the board..thus CORN HOLE. We custom made our boards last year and try to play every evening after dinner weather permitting.

We also shot a little video of the action for all those who couldn't attend the event.

Our neighbors and citizens stopped at the light in front of the station seem to enjoy the games as well. Every time we play, we receive several honks and waves as well as inquiry's as to the score. One of the neighborhood families were out for a bike ride and walk this evening and stopped long enough for the youngster to test her skill.

Don't forget to make plans to attend the St. Patty's Day Parade and post-parade get together at the Union hall. The parade is next Saturday the 14th. There is a link at the top left of our site for details on the route etc. Line up is at 9:30. We (Local 1132) will have the 1938 Chevy and a tractor / hay wagon for the kids to ride on. Members can ride or march beside the truck / tractor. I think most guys are going to wear their station St. Patty's tee-shirts and bunker pants. Rhett has a few pics of some of the shirts designed by individual companies here. Speaking of links, I added one to the Long Beach Ca. Training Div. site at the top left of the page. It has a cool simulator that some of you may find useful as a training aide (plus station 3 can use it to see some fire). It's almost 21:00 (9pm) and the runs have started. Plus Bug is outside playing with the rats so I'd better wrap it for now and get the boys inside. It's all fun and games til somebody gets an eye put out...or bitten by a rat. Stay safe, C-shift is back Monday and Wednesday.

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Anonymous said...

I thought the object was to throw the bags onto the board, not hit everywhere around it? Sorry to hear about the bad call guys, I know you did all you could. Have a safe night and look forward to the next post.