Sunday, March 1, 2009

A-Shift is back!

Well, we haven't had the opportunity to scare anyone today. With Wheels still broken and FF Noell enjoying a cycle off, we have the pleasure of working with FF Greg Fulton from station 5. A 5&9 future merge brother. Fulton fits in nicely with our crew here at 9 house. Greg didn't mind coming along to ride with us, except maybe missing the occasional extrication that he was sure to get with the nasty weather coming. So we here at 9 like to keep our guests happy. When a pin job went out a few blocks from us, we thought we would make his day and let him play. 2 vehicle MVC (T-Bone) wait! Not done....then into a house. Well if your gonna go, go BIG! We thought we would back up E5 and watch their backs with a hose line and of course let Greg play. He along with the crew from 5: Captain Swecker, Lt. West and FF Harrington popped the door like FF Franks pops a Little Debbie brownie from the wrapper. NO PROBLEM! Along with Battalion 2 in command, Medic 2 and 6 were on hand to save the day and render excellent patient care.

Later in the day we put the chains on, watched the snow melt, then watched it come down for real. We are still waiting, everyone around us has been getting hit with more wrecks. Special thanks to Captain Perry and his crew at Engine 4 for taking a call for us when they were around the corner. It went out as the order came over the radio to put the chains on. Glad we didn't test the roads the hard way.

That's it for now, stay tuned for C-shift tomorrow. Captain Wines and his crew with tons of snow! Sure to make for a good post. Be safe everyone. And remember you are all special to FF Dixon!

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