Wednesday, March 4, 2009

0215 and A-shift is winding down.

The day started off a little different. Seems due to the recent injuries that plague #9A, along with a scheduled vacation, we have found ourselves short 2 bodies. With FF Fulton "Extrication Extraordinaire" on loan again from the great Station 5, we needed only 1 more. Well lets be honest. This area ain't no Disney Land. Its a rough and tough territory. Any given day you can hear the gunfire. Heck its damn near combat-like atmosphere around here. So by special request and authorization from the Pentagon and the Infamous Hippie Headquarters of Williamson Road......We called in the Marines! Yes folks we got us a certified Jar-Head riding backwards on Engine 9. Heck, War Wagon 9! With the up most respect we would like to announce that FF/EMT "Look at me wrong and I'll snap you like a twig" Beetle Bailey is at 9 House for a shift. After we lent him FF Franks' sweatshirt (cause it's 17 degrees out and Devil Dog ain't got nothing but muscle and a child size T-shirt on) and reminded him that sharp things called a razor along with shaving cream can take the hair off of his face in the morning, we were ready!

This brings us back to our day. After the Captain and Lt. raised the flag this morning, so our war hero could rest his combat legs in the Captains chair, drink his coffee and piss on the floor. We headed out to recon the local Food Lion in search of Al-Qaeda strong holds and MVP deals on our groceries. In the standard V formation with FF Bailey at point we entered the occupied dwelling to find a bunch of locals. No doubt hiding the enemy behind the butchers counter and spices in isle 14. Bailey quickly advised us of the intricate tunnel systems normally found in these areas. Also pointing out a well placed machine gunners nest. Amazing how they disguised it to look like sugar bags on display. We proceeded with caution to the check out, keeping our 3-5 meter intervals between men. A quick exchange of some chewing gum, a transistor radio and a carton of Marlboro Reds we traded with the local merchant for 2 day old Cod and 1 live chicken still in the crate for our great feast tonight. As we exited with the Lt. watching our 6, we couldn't help but feel the eyes on us. Yes, they knew they were in the presence of a great warrior, a modern day gladiator if you will. The battle proven FF Bailey!

As We entered a friendly convoy towards the house. We traveled down the Ho Chi Melrose Trail.

Ever so carefully inspecting the empty 40's and crushed Newport cigarette packs along the curb for IED's. Today we would survive.

The broke back boys temporarily promoted to the Intelligence Division, came back to the base to grab a MRE and break bread with us. It was easy to tell that FF Franks is out on LD with the abundance of Little Debbie Brownies through out the kitchen. 1 box made it 2 days and counting. Normally they are gone by lunch.

All kidding aside, it has been a good day. Keeping the pump going so she doesn't freeze while on scene. Bailey and Fulton fit right in and we appreciate the sacrifices they made with traveling. The fun rivalry continues with the Hippie Hotel (Tree Hugging Green Station #3). Way to get us back Broadway, that was good. The usual million EMS calls M9 ran, and our daily run to say hi to the folks at Melrose Towers, wrapped up our day. Until next day everyone be safe and keep it in the's too cold out there.

Pics include the casualties of 9 house, FF/Medic Wheeling and FF/Medic Franks working diligently with some top secret materials at the Intelligence Center, taking a moment out of the day to snap a picture for the blog. In the other pic is FF Bailey in station camouflage, its amazing how he blends in. The man is highly trained, and it shows.

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Dam, that was so lifelike I think I am having a flashback from....