Tuesday, March 31, 2009

No rest for A-Shift

Last day we had 7 runs on Engine 9. Nothing exciting but it kept us running. Today was even more running! We started the day with a Post Analysis of our last fire. It was very informative and constructive. Even if you learn to slow your radio traffic down, or anything you can improve on, it is well worth it. It was great to hear every one's input.
At this time we (E9) are at 8 runs. A few EMS calls including a possible Heart Alert started the day. A tree crew dropped a limb into some wires. They liked us so much they repeated the call on another set of wires later. Lunch was Subway, not a chance to get to the store. Dinner was pizza on the road. Just as we thought it was going good, 3 back to back calls. It was clear a call and then get dispatched immediately. Finally made it home to repair some old air lines in the station, install upgraded door alarms and change a few bulbs on reserve R-902. So when we finally hit the bed....working fire. E9 pulled the corner as E4 arrived with heavy fire showing from the C/D bedroom windows. E9 grabbed some high quality H2O and then got some work in. Hell of a job by the E4, M4 boys! They knocked the fire down immediately. L13 was in there doing their thing and we got to help out as well. Poor FF (Are you gonna eat that?) Franks learned he may need to hold off on the Swiss Rolls and Little Debbie Brownies for a while as he caught the hydrant and crested the hill. He did manage to make it and did some strong work inside. Attaboy!!!
Here are some post incident pics, enjoy and we'll be seeing you next day! Be safe yous guys.

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