Wednesday, March 11, 2009


If you're not sitting, you may fall from laughing. Today has been one of those days. To begin with, both Wheezy and Coon are off so we needed a "fill in" for the shift. It was supposed to be a man from #13 but the capt. banged out sick. Rumor has it that he may be a little bit of a hypercondriac. The story continued that last day, they ran an EMS call where the pt had gout. He must have gotten too close or, gosh forbid; even touched the pt. That said, they're not sure, but the boys at #13 think the Captain must have "caught" the gout. HaHaHa are you kidding me? You CAN'T "catch" it....all kidding aside Capt. get well soon, see ya next cycle. So, now a man from #13 was out of the question and the Battalion had to back up and punt. A couple calls were made and the result was us getting a man from the South side. I guess I should narrow it down some and say a man from "The Big Show" aka station 1. I always wondered why they call Alex "smiley" but it didn't take long into the shift for me to figure it out. Check out this pic.ALL SMILES! I think he's having a little too much fun up here. A few routine runs, a trip to Food Lion for the day's meals and then to class at 13:00. After class, we stopped by the Shriners Fire Brigade building to help them load a little hose in preparation for Saturday's St. Patrick's Day Parade. Here's a picture of the boys hard at work. I should also mention that we took a few minutes before going to work to visit old station #3 which is under HUGE renovations by its new owner. I'll post more on that visit in the future. Anyways, as most of you know by now, the Melrose Misfits not only work hard, we play hard too and, I'm a little afraid that we may lead poor "Smiley" astray.... see below

WAIT.... it gets BETTER. Watch the videos..

Now, I know it doesn't look that dangerous BUT, we are talking about Tyrone here... when he says "out of the way!" you'd better run. ENJOY!

Did you hear him say..."Oh did ya see that?" Almost like a "hey yall, watch this" Is that BEAUTIFUL or what?? Well it's time to get the cornhole boards out and make a little more ice cream... flavor of the night..pineapple. Stop in for a bowl.


Anonymous said...

Awesome videos, that guy is nuts.

Anonymous said...

I think I just wet myself

Anonymous said...

NICE, I hate I missed that fun. TM

Anonymous said...

I take it we will not be seeing him in with the Shriners on Saturday since he wasn't able to maintain control of the mini- cycle? Too funny!......Boone

Anonymous said...

Are these the boys from down at corner stone this evening? OMG! Who is single? They are a blast! Give me 10 of em. DRS