Wednesday, March 25, 2009

We're back

Wednesday's often feel like Monday and today was one of them. About 08:10 or so this morning, I think every company in the city was on the road and not many were in their 1st due. We ended up over on Preston for a commercial alarm that even had Engine 4 running with us. Then it was rush rush and musical apparatus to get all the Captains down to the Captains Meeting at Fire Administration. Thank goodness Craig is not on C-shift because we were able to adjourn before noon. After lunch, we checked out a pretty good online class about light weight construction. I haven't figured out how to add the link yet but I will. Medic 9 has been steady as usual. The Engine caught a chimney fire with 13 and our hippie friends over at #3. Of course we beat them in but staged at a hydrant giving them the chance to go past and get a little work. All I could see in the back of E3 was Winters' smiling as they passed and YES she has pics on their site...check em out. Here's our shot at arrival.Other than that, nothing exciting. It's cold and rainy days like today that make you want to go back on 4 day break. Speaking of which, Trout Camp was this past weekend. Some City guys, a few other locals and even some brothers from Lynchburg Fire Dept. get together every year for a mock "opening day" of trout season. Everything a man could wish for in a trout camp except for a fishing pole. Here are a few pics...note Wheezy's home away from home "Ol Smokey" and the last pick is of Wheezy and Lt. Sharp from that other station and shift (not sure if Wheezy is showing the "shocker" or "show stopper").

I should also mention that our condolences go out to one of our favorite County Brothers. Apparently Hollins #5 caught a job today and went to work...well, everyone at #5 except Brandon Sheppard. Apparently our boy Brandon was out putting on band-aids and missed the job. Just remember Brandon...sticky side down!

And, just to let our friends over at #3 know that they are not the ONLY eco-friendly firefighters in the City, we too used our composter / disposal tonight. Of course ours doesn't smell as bad .. well we don't get close enough to tell anyway and I can assure you it's not as fancy. You see, we just throw the leftovers out back and watch the rats fight. They eat, poop ...errr fertilize the lawn thus beginning the cycle and giving back to mother earth. That's all for tonight, no short jokes or videos for Tyrone, maybe next day. Stay in the house and BE SAFE!

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FireFleitz said...

I quote

"9 Engine arrived next standing by on a hydrant, surely they were ready for some action.....just their presence in the neighborhood made you feel like you were in the presensce of greatness!"

I guess you will have to change those shirts around huh.