Saturday, March 28, 2009

Celebrity Look-A-Like Day at A-Shift

Hello to the followers of our little blog. We are back for another fun filled cycle at #9. Honestly not too much today. E9 is sitting in a sad state at the garage. Hopefully returning soon. Reserve E9 has run a few calls, nothing to brag about. M9 hung out on a vehicle into garage call along with E5 and all the HTR folks. Snapped a pic for your viewing enjoyment. Also added are our celebrity look-a-like pics. FF/Paramedic Devin (John Belushi) Turner is working for Dixon today. He nearly caused a riot for autographs. After the day winded down FF/EMT-I Duanne Noell did his impression of Paul Shaffer, the funny little dude in charge of David Letterman's band. Hey, you be the judge. We plan to sleep for the rest of the night. Hope you do the same. Until safe out there.

P.S. Welcome home to the Green Peace Super Hippie Winter!
P.P.S. Wheels is still broken for possible 2-4 more weeks. Get back here dude!!!

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