Friday, March 6, 2009


We have 2 positions available. Must have strong back. Know how to cook. Remember to put the flag up in the a.m. and take it down in the p.m. No thieves, liars or lazy bastards. Looking for someone who can give 110% at a moments notice, when you are about dead tired and can't go on you can still dig down and carry on. Also need to know how to step out of a medic truck in various weather conditions. Be interested in some type of physical exercise that does not include stuffing Little Debbie Brownies.
If you can fill these shoes, give us a call. We can use you. Until next cycle......Be safe.

P.S. Wheels get well soon, Jerry don't even apply!


Anonymous said...

I feel the LOVE

Anonymous said...

Hey MAC, pack your bags, we have an opening at 9 due to our Lt running away with his secret lover Dennis.


Anonymous said...

Hey Jerry enjoy that fast track medic program when you transfer to #2.