Sunday, March 29, 2009


The good news is that we have seen the sun shine more today than we have all last week. The bad news is that we haven't got to sit and enjoy it much, Sunday or not. It's been one of those days where you just never know what you're gonna have when you get there. For a change, the Engine has been busier than the Medic, and we've run more with our brothers over at Station #4 than our own "road doctors". Thanks for covering our backs guys! There was also a good bit of Department wide news passed on this morning. Rhett recently posted on about a City incentive and 9 possible retirements from our ranks ( read here ). Well, the Rumor has been confirmed and the list posted. It was also passed along that 2 maybe 3 additional names have been added to that list (despite missing the deadline for the incentive...which I believe has already passed). Congratulations to all the members who have earned their way off the job. I guess the biggest news of the list is that our brothers on A-shift will be loosing BOTH Battalions. Chief Trout from the North and Chief Ferris from the South Battalion. I worked with both at one time or another and wish them both the best in their post-department endeavors. I guess the "shocker" of the list comes from right here at Station #9. Our very own B-shift is loosing their tallest member Josh Holms. Josh was hired 12-11-2000 and has served as a Firefighter / Paramedic since. I know Josh will be missed, but I'm also sure he will not be a stranger to our house. Good luck Josh and all the others who are retiring.
I guess I shouldn't have said anything about Josh being tall because some guys here at #9 are sensitive about their, I apologize're NOT that tall. With that said, at least I know now that the new set of turnout gear delivered to the station today was not intended for you...
LOL... ok ok I couldn't resist and was only kidding. Oppie's son has out grown his little set of gear and he graciously passed it down to my grandson "The Buckaroo". I posted before about the Buckaroo's first Fire Truck and now he has his first set of gear. He'll only be 1 yr old 4-17-09 but is working (eating) hard to grow into the gear. He has been around the station since the day he came home from the hospital. He LOVES firehouse beans and always cleans his plate...errr high chair.

So that covers the new turnout gear ( Thanks again Opie and Kyler). The calls and station stories today have been gut busting. Tyrone has been his normal self...if you can call ANYTHING about Tyrone "normal". If I could figure out how to sell tickets to watch his antics we would be able to afford some of those fancy appliances like they have up at the "Hippie Hotel"...recliners, dust free rugs, humidifiers, compactors, linen services, vibrating beds etc. Ok, maybe they don't have all of that BUT they DO have a pool. Don't believe me? They even posted it on their site here . Now, they are calling it a "Bio retention pond" but here in North West, that's a pool!

A-shift took a beating last day and it has somewhat carried over to us. Steady runs and work all day. Tyrone, Wheezy and the boys whipped up a great breakfast. The trucks had all the rain / wet road grime washed off and the calls began. A mix of fire and EMS but nothing serious so far. Our War Wagon remains torn apart down at the City Garage so we are riding one of the 1991 Grumans... Reserve 902. Here's a shot of us out with Medic 4 and several of Roanoke's finest.

On another incident, after "waking up" a diabetic with a D50 (glucose) cocktail, we got to referee an argument between the patient and her sister as to what they were going to watch on TV... "Deal or no Deal" or my "Tiger Woo"... yes her Tiger Woo, NOT Woods. Not sure who won, but it was fun to watch and none of us wanted in the middle (shoulda been here Sheppard). Anyway, we are settling in for what we hope is a quiet night. We're hoping to watch "Nitro Circus" @ 22:00 (10pm) on MTV. If you haven't seen it, WATCH IT! Go pee first. Also check out their site here and find the big wheel's worth the time. That's all for tonight unless something more exciting happens. Everyone stay safe and in house. We go on 4-day tomorrow and back on Friday. Peace out!

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