Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Alright, tonight's post will be shorter than most C-shift postings but I promise it will be just as good as the 3 pagers. Our day was normal. The Medic has been humping all day..sitting on 11 or 12 runs as of now. The Engine, not so busy with runs but has had a full day with house chores, training etc. Training today was HTR (Heavy Tactical Rescue). David "HAMMER" Lucas developed and made a new tool to speed up assembling an elevated lift point. He made it in his mind, broke out the welder, built it and brought it in for testing / approval. A very good idea that needed just a little tweeking (and better mounted hitches on our HTR truck). Give a farm boy / fireman a few pieces of metal, a rubber hammer, welder, some chewing gum, 2 coat hangers and a piece of aluminum foil and he'll make anything! All kidding aside Luke, great thinking and well done. Thanks for the effort and hard work.. YOU'RE A CHAMP! (of course you knew that..cause you have the belt).That covers today's training. I also wanted to follow up on a few comments from past post (some posted to the blog, others delivered verbally). The first was something to the effect of does Wheezy do windows? Well, normally he would BUT since he sucked this cycle off, he didn't have to. But, if it makes you feel better, Opie does.

We had a lot of response concerning the St. Patrick's Day gathering. YES, that was the Melrose Misfits at Corner Stone... B and C shift (A was pulling the tour). NO we do not have pictures and if we did, you wouldn't see them here. Other comments on that event / post concerned the pony rides at the Union hall. The kids had a BLAST and NO firemen rode. That's not to say that they didn't try or haven't tried in the past. If you ever happen to come to work with your saddle in the back of the truck and decide to bring it inside to keep it from being stolen... just remember to HIDE IT or this may happen..Another topic of comments is the length of my post, my typing abilities and stamina. Well, YES I actually do most of C-shifts postings myself despite my illiteracy. Yes, it takes hours because I type with 2 fingers and yes, I do often injure myself but I keep typing anyway.Alright, to close, we've been wondering all day what our post would be about this evening and it took until 23:30 to figure it out and get the shot. But, we did it.... A past comment wanted more video of scaring the crap out of each other, well ask and you shall just gotta love our little Tyrone... every company should have one ENJOY!!

Now I know this is similar to a previous post from A-shift but it is still worth watching and we couldn't resist. The next video is about 1 minute and 16 seconds long. It starts slow but stick with'll be glad you did. Notice how he takes the wallet from his mouth and uses it as a weapon.

We're back on Friday...STAY SAFE.


Anonymous said...

That is as funny if not funnier than A-shift. It looks like he s*** himself. Tyronne needs a day off. Funny stuff. A-shift, what are you going to do to top that. Come one Goodo, we know you got it in you.

Anonymous said...

I love it.

Anonymous said...

Is that Capt Wines rodeo buckle on Lucas? If not, who's is bigger? I thought Willie had the biggest belt in the FD