Thursday, March 12, 2009

A-shift back at it again.

Hey folks! We started our day doing the usual chores. Visited our friends at the local grocery store so our guest FF/Marine Bailey could grab some grub and treat us to a special home cooked meal. Thanks Jarhead it was great! Not so great for his ride into work this a.m. Our law enforcement brothers here in the city are the best. We take care of each other without hesitation. When shots ring out around us on scene it is great to know they are there. (I guess, cause I will be under a car or something unable to see whats going on!) They are tops! But a special sarcastic thanks a lot to the State Trooper who ticketed our brother this morning. In full uniform, gear in the car, headed to the station. Sure he was wrong, but c'mon. On the flip side, a sincere thanks a lot for giving us something to pick on him about today. Especially when the State Police speed traps were aired on the 12 o'clock news! Priceless. Add that up with how we had to teach him to shave again, and the importance of having accountability tags on your helmet, another fun day. Some of the pics show just how inventive a Marine can be with off duty passports and a label maker. The highlighter to make them yellow was a special touch.

After lunch it was off to a great class: "Suspended Ceiling" taught by retired Roanoke County BC Poff at the training center. We covered some great lessons and excellent hands on for getting out of the wirey hell when a drop ceiling collapses on you. We studied a couple of actual events that were real eye openers. Thanks again Chief. If anyone gets the opportunity to take the class, jump at it.

However, learning was not the only thing going on while in training. Seems FF Franks is on vacation and decided to come by. We were gone so he took it upon himself to have fun and hide food, schedule fake meetings in Lt. Good O's planner, etc. By the way....the A/C was just found running in the bunkroom! That was a good one. Being that it is in the 40's today. It's too cold to sleep in there so Jerry will find his bed in a much warmer location when he returns from vacation.....the intersection of 24th and Melrose! Looks like rain, better hurry and get snuggled in.

Yes FF Franks has healed and returns next cycle. Our brother FF Wheels came by for lunch and is feeling better. But he is still looking at some more healing time. Hurry up big-guy, we are throwing away lots of left-overs.

That's all for now. If we get another job tonight I'll be sure to post. Everyone be safe out there.....and for the folks at 3, we'll see ya on St. Patricks day! I'll toast you with a fine Irish beer, just raise up your Zima, say a nice word then place it back down on your hemp coaster!


Anonymous said...

What can I say, but #*%# *%# guys, I miss you as well. Take one cycle off and a couple days w/ Fire Admin and this is what you get. Bed was awesome, almost #@$# my pants when I saw the picture, but dam, can I please come back inside the bullet proof walls at night, you know how my mind works, and how scared I get when I am alone???
Safe Night guys, and keep an eye on my bed so Dennis doesnt sleep in it and make it his new home!!

Anonymous said...

Fun is fun Jerry. Found the food and other stuff. I put your bed back upstairs. Can't wait till you get back, we miss you too! Hell, I'll even help you get the bum urine out of your sheets next cycle. See ya pal!

-Good O

Anonymous said...

Jerry I miss you so bad. You dont even know how bad. I am finding it so hard to fall asleep at night by myself. The special thing we have together is not understood by the others. Please hurry back!!

Love alwase,
You know who

Anonymous said...

Have you ever seen a grown man naked Timmy?

Anonymous said...

Yes!! Timmy I have, and I liked it.