Saturday, March 27, 2010

Last day of the cycle...A-Shift

Well it was a decent Saturday here in North West. The table for the new station has been going well. Our buddy Erin Barger in Salem has been working on our table design and will work on the new Station 5 T-Shirts next for us. We'll post those goodies when they come in and give you his contact information if you want to get some things done. After a big breakfast....

......we cleaned up the truck and got Jerry some ink.

He is out of control with those temporary tattoos!!! Next he will probably get a Honda Motorcycle and join a gang or something.
We had a few runs but nothing to brag or blog about. It's been pretty quiet but the club across the street is starting to fill up. Other than the usual stuff, Z-man took a EMS test that he was really concerned about. Even as he slept he prayed to the EMS Gods to give him the knowledge to pass, and they did!

One day he will be out there saving lives....just like his cousin Christmas (FF Noell). They are paired up tonight on the box and ready for anything. Be kind NW.

That's all we gots! Check out the next post....another musical tribute to another ex-9 member. Enjoy!
Be safe out there and we'll see you Thursday.

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