Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A Shift 2/3

It is late and I am ready for bed but thought I would try to get a post up anyway before the ding dings go off again so this one will be short. Started the day off with make up fit testing down at Station 1 with the guys from old Station 5. Appears after the test we are OK to be in some bad Mojo since we passed and were sent away with our very own personal mask.

With the Lt on vacation in Alabama visiting all his close relatives we had Rusty(Slim) driving the Engine today and wouldnt you know it they catch an apartment fire. Our Hippie Hotel Buddies from Station 3 arrived and were able to get a handle on it quickly with minor damage including chasing down a crazy cat that pretty much man handled Duane. Great job guys on the fire. Slim seems to be doing just fine here at 9 and seem to be fitting right in. I think without a doubt everyone here is in agreement that he is coming out of his shell due to the need for earplugs sometimes when he gets all wired up. Sorry about the pic of Slim but the guy just can not sit still long enough for me to get a clear shot of him.

We went down and picked up the base for the new table this morning and were able to get another step closer to finishing it. Thanks to Lt Brown and all that helped with the base, according to Captain it fit perfect and looks great. I believe the table is ahead of schedule with all the long hours being put in on it and I have to say it is going to be pretty nice except for the need of a crane to lift it.

Looks like we might be doing another fairwell slide show to a member here at Station 9 so look for it coming soon after all the details are ironed out. Well its after 3am and I have not seen the bed yet so until next day stay safe and in house.


Anonymous said...

Are you all just now realizing you need ear plugs? We gave you fair warning haha!!!!

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