Thursday, March 11, 2010

A shift 3/3

I know it is not an A shift day but I thought it would be nice to post even it is a little late. Lt was gone most of the day helping with the new recruits working on a house for them to tear up later. We had a busy last day with the new Station 5 table coming right along and starting to actually look like a table minus the legs. We also had a call in our first due for fire that was out of control and getting close to a structure but we were able to get on it fast and take care of it with the Engine and Medic.

New Station 5 is scheduled to open in April so the table is getting some serious work so hopefully it will be ready to go by ribbon cutting. All the guys are helping out including our soon to be roommates at old Station 5. Their have been some changes to the table but I believe after all is said and done it will one hell of a table. When I say everyone has been helping out I would be lying since their is one at the station who just really does not care about the table and I do not want to mention any names(Good-O). Every time we are out building you can usually find him in the office doing something else more constructive with his time in his eyes.

I know what you are saying, how could he do that, well he does venture out to the table occasionally but it is just to rag on the table and make negative comments about it. The closest he gets is the exercise equipment which he doesn't use except to feel taller and look down on everyone else as he speaks.

Good-O is on vacation next cycle so we want have to worry about his negativity and we should be able to accomplish a lot without him in the way. Till next cycle stay safe and in house.

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Anonymous said...

I hope you die. And when you do, you fall on the table.