Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A-Shift Returns and says goodbye to Ben(C-Shift)

Well the other shifts have been fighting fire every day it seems. Today is our day back. We've been busy with some EMS, a MVC and knocking out some training. On top of this the brass is all shined up and the table is getting closer to being completed. Me personally, I don't give a crap about the stupid table.(According to Jerry "I am so hungry I can eat my own hand" Franks)
The Captain is sealing it now, and I have sent out the designs for the top today. We are hoping to have it ready for the move, but we'll see.
Christmas is off today....kinda. He has been in clinicals today and has "Short Timer" FF Ben Obaugh working for him. Ben is in the middle of 3 straight shifts. Don't feel bad for him though. He is leaving at the end of the third to pursue his career of choice. Ben seems to be more concerned with helping the citizens stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter. He is gonna be the Maytag man of the HVAC world. Good luck Ben, we hope you enjoy this last shift...we'll miss you.
Now don't think we just let him slide out of here easy. Ben has a reputation of being a little hyper. He can be found in two places at once sometimes. Mostly he is perched in elevated positions through out the station......

This being said, perhaps we here at #9 had a lapse in judgement. Yes, we thought we would see what would happen if we pumped Ben full of
Red Bull and Energy Bars!!!!!

Oh yeah, and then COFFEE!!!!!!

After a trip to the store he topped all of that off with baking a cake. The last thing he needed was sugar, but I really wanted to know if he would explode or what? The next hour was very amusing. We had a report of a structure fire with Police on scene forcing entry. It turned out to be burned food left unattended, but I started thinking we could probably cancel any other units tonight if we get a job. Ben will probably have Primary and Secondary searches done, fire under control and start salvage and overhaul before I pull the brake on the engine! He's like a crackhead getting electrocuted!!! At one point he told us he can not stop pacing back and forth.

Well he is doing good now. We enjoyed our last meal with Ben. For desert we enjoyed the cake and Jerry had a special treat for Ben. He likes to cross the names off of the seniority list with red ink when someone quits or retires. This was a first for Jerry....he got to do it right in front of the guy leaving. Ben was a good sport and even showed him where his name was.

Afterwards Jerry took Ben to the new station 5 to show him around the house he'll never get to run in. It was an emotional moment for Jerry. I haven't seen him this upset since we watched Titanic together.

That's all we have folks. We wish Ben and his family the best. C-shift is losing a good guy.

If we get anything tonight I'll post some pics later. Good night everyone, be safe out there.

P.S. To my buddy Broadway....now at 5. On that structure fire call...It was like when you were at 3, except you beat us in. You need to thank that school bus driver. If I didn't have to stop and kill my lights......we had you! XOX Good O


Capt. Schmoe said...

Good luck to Ben, It is always a good thing to follow your dreams.

Ahh the sacred seniority list, where bids and assignments are determined. I am in the top 1/4 of page #1. It only took 27 years to get there. I will help them cross my name off when I go, I may even use red ink.

Thanks for the post.

Anonymous said...

Yea, we got something, NO SLEEP