Sunday, March 7, 2010

A-Shift 2/3

It's Sunday here in NW. It was a warm day and a busy one. Typically we get a day of rest on the weekend, however with the fast approaching move.....we need to get ready. Captain Weeks (9-A) and Lt. Brown (5-B) are heading up the new station table project. The word is the metal base is getting started soon. Here at 9 the top is coming along very well.

Bevo is doing the shift as a fill in at #2 today. But Franks seems to be doing enough work to make up for the personnel shortage. Just look at him multitask. He sure knows his way around a vacuum.

He and Z-man didn't just come to wood-shop class today. They got their learn on pulling some study time for the I and P classes.

RS1 1Lt Riddle dropped by with a special guest today. RN Becky Corley from L&D at RMH was doing a ride along.

She just so happens to be one of Jerry's preceptors. Being an old friend of mine she did a special favor for us and gave our Paramedic to be a little OB lecture. You can tell he was eager to learn as usual.........

Well that's all we have for today. Christmas should return next day to tell us all about his new interest in coin collecting. Until then, have a good night and be safe.

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