Sunday, February 28, 2010

Last day of the cycle for A-Shift...See you Friday.

This is our last day this cycle. It's a lazy Sunday. We knocked out the usual chores and check offs this morning. The traditional breakfast was made and eaten. We ran a 18 wheeler vs. car with our soon to be additional crew at #5. Yes, the truck won.....They always do.

Next a trip to the store so Ex-Deputy/FF McDonald(our transplant for the day)could grab some dinner. We had chicken on the grill. For some reason he didn't cook pork.
Anyways, it was good.
Afterwards we finished watching those damn Canadians beat USA in hockey. What the hell, eh? It was a ok game. My favorite part was eating the Zombieland snack of choice...

Watch your back Little Debbie! Jerry and I can kill some Twinkies!
Speaking of killing.....Captain brought in another trophy for the wall. He says it is an elk, but I think not.

The Box is still out and has been most of the day. Coach and Franks are out there saving everyone who needs help, one at a time. The engine just returned from a report of a structure fire. When we hear "the house next to" or "in the 1600 block of..." its usually the real deal. Even as we climbed the hill and saw the orange glow, I have to admit I was thinking it was time to work and spotted my hydrant. I wasn't expecting the BBQ grill to be up on the front porch rocking some 2-3' flames while sitting on some rugs, but hey you never know. After covering it up and a quick public service of why BBQ grills should be used away from any type of overhang....we headed back home.
We hit 4-day break in the morning. That's all we have for tonight. Bevo returns next cycle. Congrats to Broadway(E5)and Tiffany again on their new addition to the family. Everyone be safe out there and lets go home in the morning....Goodnight.
P.S. 37 more days....


Anonymous said...

That is one HUGE head on that moose!

Anonymous said...

looks like its a an A shift blog now since Willie is gone.