Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A-Shift is back for another cycle.

We are back, Engine and Medic 9 are still is good. Our buddy, FF Noell is off today, but the rest of us are here. No exciting calls today. However a few updates....
We got our shipment of wood in to make the new table. Yes, the new station is going to have a larger crew with the addition of Ladder 5, part time Medic 101 and Battalion 2. So Captain Weeks and Lt. Brown from #5 are making a new table for the new #5. I believe they said it's going to be 16 feet long! Here is a shot of the soon to be 5-A crew unloading table pieces.

For the employees of the city, you can check out our new ladder on our city computers. It's in the building stage but looks very nice. I had a chance to swing by and snap a pic myself for those who don't have access to the other computers.

It rocks!
Other than the usual today, I had the opportunity to do a little Search and Rescue teaching down at the recruit school. We can't show their faces on the blog until they get out of training, so here is their gear at least. Thanks to Lt. Simmons from #2, Lt. Branch and FF Surratt from #6. It was some good training.

Well it's that time. The bed is calling. emergency is not the sniffles for 5 days. A GSW or a structure fire is. Take it easy tonight, Coach (FF Wheels) has football practice tomorrow. Big Bear needs sleep! I am on the box next all you want then.
Goodnight folks, be safe out there.

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