Saturday, February 6, 2010

A-Shift and the snow return for another cycle

We are back. With the exception of FF Franks, we are all back for another shift. We sent Franks off to the Palace (station 2) for the day. He has been texting us and sending pictures all day, telling us how much he loves it there. Unfortunately for him, he will be back at 9 next day so FF Zimmerman can have a day off. We'll try to keep him entertained. While he is in Paramedic class we'll buy him some Little Debbie's. They always bring a smile to his chubby little face.
As for the rest of us....we got back into whats turning out to be a normal routine around here. We got the usual chores done and started shoveling the snow. Once the chains were checked, we were ready to go. Breakfast was served and we got a little EMS training in to help our soon to be released EMT-I/FF Noell prepare for his last test. Here is a shot of the man himself combining the EMS training with a quick tutorial on Ropes and Knots. The man is a multi-tasker!

Please note the station 9 cold weather attire I am sporting. Yes the shorts over the long-johns tucked in the socks! I made it look good and Bevo pulled it off later as well.....

We grabbed a few wires down calls during the day and got to sit around and wait for probably the busiest guys today: AEP (The Power Company). Here are a few shots of our weather conditions in North West.

With the snow kicking ass all last night, a few of us came in and spent the night to be sure we made shift break in the morning. It was perfect timing to catch a true hero...FF/Paramedic Schrader picking up the slack and bringing in Old Glory for the night after "someone" forgot and ran a call. Way to go Schrader!

And in shorts? A true hero. Although he braved frigid temperatures while he was barely clothed.....he was not the only hero.
A Southie FF Kincer from "The Big Show" (Station 1), was everyone's hero today just as he was last cycle.

He had gone around plowing all of the stations well into the night last day we worked. He even put off dinner to knock out as many as he could before taking a break. Today he returned clearing the path for our trucks and the parking lots for our POV's. This is extremely helpful for the idiots who drive Mustang GT's in this weather. I won't mention any names (me). He also handed out the ever so precious rock salt. The guy over-did! Thanks again Barry...and sorry about the 73 snowballs as you left. It was a bunch of kids or something.
That's it for tonight. Wheels and Zimmerman are on the box and the roads suck. So lets call them only when you need more than just a band-aid. The word is that temps are gonna drop down to 18 tonight. Nothing good can come from that. So everyone stay safe out there, and warm too! We'll see you next day.


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