Friday, February 26, 2010

9A-Middle day

It's late, I am tired but here you go....
E9 is up to 5 runs, M9 just returned from the 6th. We had Z-man in EMT-I this morning and off to #2 for the rest of the shift. Bevo a.k.a. Christmas came in today to ride the Engine with Wheels driving the Captain. I mean Coach driving.
We did the usual first thing this morning by cleaning and checking off our equipment. Afterwards we finished our on-line classes, and we know when and when not to breathe airborne particles from our patients. We also know when to wash our hands!
FF Beans and Lt. Good O are on the box and have been attending to NW's ill citizens.

Yes it has been a busy day for the city. I am not sure how many times we were dumped, but we managed to get fuel and make it back for lunch, before dinner.
The engine got to run one with E5, Batt 2 and L2 today. Seems someone decided to go out while cooking on the stove. Thanks to the E5 noses they smelled an all to common odor of burnt food and made entry. Nice catch guys.

We had a couple of old faces to post today. Retired FF Kenny Walker came by today and brought us some scrupshious doughnuts. He told a few jokes and informed us of his time as a stand-up comedian in the Patrick Henry Hotel back in the day. Thanks for coming by. Yes that is Kenny in the pic. The guy is dropping some weight.

After another run to our local hospital, we stopped by to wake an old friend and give him a hug. Yes folks, Kill em' all Dixon! I am not sure if that is a twinkle in his eye or the deer eye transplant reflecting the flash. Either way it was an emotional moment for Dr. Death, Franks and I.

That's all we have. Time for bed. Stay warm out there and please be safe.


Anonymous said...

I miss Dixon

Anonymous said...

He completes me.