Wednesday, April 21, 2010

2nd day for A-Shift

We had everyone in some type of class on the first the blog got put on the back burner. The closet thing our shift has had to a fire was a trash bag check on the sidewalk! A resident needed us to check her trash to be sure the cigarette ashes she dumped were out. You can't make this stuff up.
Today we spent all day training on our new ladder. When we get to the new station we will also have a ladder truck. It will run a big chunk of NW as a Ladder and all of NW City as an extrication truck. That's the truck that basically cuts people out of cars, you know the "Jaws of Life" stuff.'s one nice truck. We got to play around with it and see what she could do. The Pierce rep was on scene to show us what we could do...very impressive.

What was most impressive was the weight you could have at the tip.....I wasn't sure if the rep hit his head or what, when he asked both Franks and Bevo to get on the tip. Then he added the Captain on and we now know...this truck can do anything!

That's all for tonight. Thanks to Captain Rorer for the training today and to Lt. Roger Guilliomenesto down at #1 for making lunch for us. We'll be back safe out there.


Anonymous said...

itn looks like the tip is bending a bit. Might want to check those ratings again?

Anonymous said...

Please don't put TOOOOOOOO much crap on this nice truck.