Sunday, April 11, 2010

First Day for A-Shift

I apologize for the 24 hour post delay. Bevo and myself were on the box last night and by the time we had time to blog the sun was coming up. So that wasn't gonna happen. We shipped out Franks to "The Duece" for a good part of the shift, so it was a pretty good day. He did stick around long enough to get Wheels some valuable precepted time on the box. The whole family got together for some steaks at dinner. Engine 5 came by and broke bread with us and later gorged on some ice cream.
We also got another step done on the new station table. We dropped in the station coins and applied the first layer of sealant.

Master carpenter Captain Weeks gave us a quick class on how not to screw up a table and then we all grabbed torches and jumped in to help.

Some of us really knew how to help out. Bevo is somewhat of an expert underneath desks and tables and used his skills accordingly. Here is the shot of the master in his element.

Others like myself.......say "piss on the table" and sat off to the side spreading hate and discontent.

The new station is coming along...but, we just can't get a firm completion date. Alot has been done and they are getting close, but its hard to guess when we will be in there. Here is a shot from last week.

We'll keep you up to speed as we find out more. Tomorrow we have the three musketeers in Intermediate and Paramedic class, Good O is at the Final Burn for the rookies, leaving Capt and Wheels to do it all. If anything exciting happens when we get everyone back together, we'll be sure to post.
Good night and stay safe.

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Anonymous said...

I am with you. That table looks like shit and won't last five years in the new station.