Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Middle day for A-shift/HAPPY DISPATCHER WEEK

Today was a bit hectic. Good O was at the academy with the recruits doing the final burn. They are set to come out this week with graduation on Friday.

Wheels had an appointment, the three musketeers had EMS classes, and Captain got to hang with a transplant: FF/Paramedic Drew Able from #3 until we all came home. Now that the gang is all here, Good O and Franks are rocking the box as Wheels and Bevo are riding with the Cap on E9. Z-man has been working hard as being the "white cloud" around here, so he got some time off to rest. Bevo insisted. Maybe now we will catch a fire. We haven't even had an out of control cigarette burning in the street since he has been here. We'll see what happens tonight.
Since we were on the box, Franks and I stopped by the secret dispatch chamber built into the side of Mill Mountain under 500 feet of steel, dirt and concrete. For obvious security reasons, we cannot disclose the location. This week is........

We had a close race for our favorite dispatcher of the week. Our winner was dispatcher Amy! Congrats to you.

This was Amy working Police dispatch. The dispatchers split the shift to make things fair and switch to Fire dispatch half way through. Between answering 911 calls, looking up satellite pics, dispatching units, making sure we know important notes from past calls, and keeping up with our units status.....they are VERY busy. Our hats are off to you. We couldn't do it without you. Thank you.
Here is a shot of the folks hard at it.....

I said it was a close race for favorite dispatcher. Due to Amy's poor choice in hockey jersey(NY Rangers Rock!), she almost lost the contest to runner up: Jerry "I am only sitting here because I promised not to touch anything" Franks!

He demonstrated his communication skills by making a cell phone call on his Blackberry. Yes folks, he can do just about anything.
That's all we have for tonight. Again, way to go Amy! As for here, I am not gonna waste any ones time talking about our stupid table....The decals went on today and hopefully we can finish it next day...finally. Good luck to the recruits and everyone else...be safe out there. Good night.

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who is this weeks dispatcher?????