Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A-Shift 4 day break ends today.

Last cycle was pretty busy. We had the Captain off for 2/3 of it, Ladder 5 training and some walk throughs of buildings in our soon to be territory. When we get to the new 5, we will be running the Roanoke Civic Center. We went along with E5, E2, L2, M2 and BC2 for a tour of the building. Here are a few pics, including the view from over the floor on the catwalk.

The Civic Center is a huge structure and it was beneficial to all of us to become familiar with it. One particular place of interest was, where all of the balloons go to die. When the little ones let go of a balloon, we found the place that they end up.

That's all for last cycle. We are back tomorrow. Be safe.

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Anonymous said...

Ladder 1 is closer, but i guess that does not matter.