Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Last day of the cycle A-Shift

Today was a busy day. We walked into the house this morning to the smell of "structure fire". B-Shift had caught a pretty good one early in the morning and the smell was in the air, the engine, and on the gear. We heard all about it from self-proclaimed hero of the day FF Brad "put me in Coach" Harris. The stories he told had us on the edge of our seats. This guy was there and he was doing it! For a small fee he allowed us to get a picture with him and even signed an autograph or two.

Chores, run to the store for the daily meals and then off to the new 5 for gear locker installation with the boys on E5 and Batt 2.

While we were down at New 5, I snapped a few pics of the new kitchen. The cabinets are in, but we still have no idea of when we'll be in.

After we knocked that out, we came back to finish another step on the #@$! table. It's starting to become known as the largest fly paper in the world. There is always one.....

It's almost there. The stickers are on and were sealed up today. Another few coats and it will be done. Here are a few pics....

That's it for tonight. Everyone be safe. We'll be back Monday.

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