Friday, October 16, 2009

Report from our leader & EMS hero Noell

We have made it another cycle. A-shift station 9 including our friends on Medic 101 have been pretty busy on this cold, wet day. A few alarms and ems calls kept us running. We have an announcement to make....FF/EMT-I has passed his 427 part skills test today allowing him to operate as 2nd medic. Good job Noell!

To wrap up this post I have added some mobile pics our captain sent us. He says they are killing deer left and right out there on the way to Colorado. It seems they are cruising the interstate at night after laying strategic piles of corn every 1/8 mile. Here is a pic of there last kill with another of the Captain himself holding his trophy buck.

Outta here for another 4 day break. Be safe out there.

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That is just wrong