Friday, October 9, 2009

Thought this was Friday...

I was actually sure it was but damn if it hasn't gone like a Monday! Pulled a tour last night for a brother over at Ladder 7 so he could go to the Zac Brown concert. Good tour and thanks to the brothers of B-shift over there for taking care of me...that Burrows is one heck of a cook. Anyway, due to the extra shift, I was a little late getting to #9. I roll in about07:20 to a sight that completely stopped me in my tracks. Everything was backwards.

The War Wagon was parked in the medic bay and the box was sitting in her spot. WTF??? Captain Bedwell met me in the bay shaking his head. When they returned from a 04:00am run, they found the door "ajar". Ajar my butt.....more like BROKE!

Anyway, the men went to work, got the door most of the way up but not enough to put the Engine back to bed. Some quick goat thinking, and the Medic unit was able to fit under the door while the Engine was parked in the other side. Now, some of us remember the Ladder (Ladder 9 ) running out of that side but I don't think I've ever seen the Engine run out from over there. Anyway, it was strange to see. Overhead door made it out quickly and soon had everything back up and operating so we swapped again and at least had the apparatus looking normal. Just when I thought things were coming back to how they should be, I kept noticing some bright red rosy cheeks and an ear to ear grin. I had almost forgotten. "Bedford", "little Brooklyn" Brad Creasy was trading a little time today. Bedford and I worked together when I first made Captain back at the real...errrrr old #3. Those were some GREAT times, went through a lot of doors together and made plenty of bonds and memories along the way. It was good to have him back on the truck with me again and I feel like he enjoyed the day here at #9. Here's his mug shot

Wheezy was off getting his "learn on" at EMT-I class, had to transfer Coon over to "The Deuce" for the remainder of the shift, order supplies, wash out, mow the grass ugggggh! I thought today was FRIDAY! Opie was cooking, we had 9 for lunch and a broken stove. By now, you all should know what this does to our little "ninja cook". Yep, the stress level was through the roof. The result?? Red Bone Brauts ummm ummm (ok I know brauts don't have bones but you get the point). We had 9 because Medic 101 had a student. Ooops, not a student, another nurse ride along. This time, a little different than when the last rode. This time, we had the boss... Candi. I wrote a little about the program in the post when John rode. One of our local hospitals sends new hire nurses out for tours with us so that they can see first hand what happens on the "other side" of the emergency and what it takes to get the patients to them. A really great program and concept. I think it will benefit our medics just as much as the ER personnel by creating a better understanding and communications between the two. Anyway, Candi came out to ride and even stayed the entire shift to evaluate how the program is working. I think she found some areas that are doing well, and a few minor areas that need "tweeking". She seemed very excited and pleased and I'm sure she will work to ensure this program continues, expands and delivers positive results for everyone involved. We also had a new hire ridding 101 today. Cassie was hired part time about 1 month ago and has only worked about 3 or 4 shifts. Today was her first with the C-shift Mis-fits. We didn't catch a run with her but she seems to handle herself well around the house and I'm sure she'll do fine. Here's a pic of Candi and Cassie moving out to the veranda after dinner.

Not much excitement for the gals run wise, that is right up until time for their shift to end. Just before 21:00, a fire alarm went out for another one of our local hospitals. No big deal, we run it ALL THE TIME. The next tone was for 3rd alarm companies! WHAT?? Holy crap talk about your heart in your throat. Straight to a 3rd! Thankfully, the incident was quickly brought back to a 1st alarm assignment and the brothers and sisters on the South side were able to handle.
Just a few more quick notes and I'll quit. A few Sundays ago (Sept. 27th) was "Big Joe" Riley Peters last day on the job. Big Joe was known for many things throughout his career but I think most memorably for his pumping ability (as FF and Lt.) and how he handled the old "Grey Ghost" engines. Any of the brothers who worked with or around Big Joe will tell ya that he could drive the wheels off those old Orens. I'm sure he'll be missed by many and we wish him the best of luck and a happy retirement.. he's EARNED it. Here's a shot of him at his last assignment, Engine 11, B-shift.

That's enough for tonight, everyone stay safe and in the house... Hookie game tomorrow and back on Sunday.
Capt. Wines

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