Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A shift is back / Captain Weeks still on the hunt!

Well look up at the sky at 1000 this morning and all of the planets and stars were aligned. E9 caught a working fire at a motel with report of a disabled man still inside. 1st in our 3rd due! No... slow poke 3 wasn't coming......one engine was on a call, another playing AARF testing, Ladder running an ems with our M101 buddies, one engine o.o.s. That leaves us. Working fire was called a few blocks away. E9 arrived and found smoke from the entire roof with heavy showing at the door. After a quick knock down and forcing a few doors on a search, we realized it is still us! Ugh, here they come....Engine 5, the bottle truck and Salem E2!!! Our guy crawled out before we got there, a quick knock down kept the fire contained to one room and out of the common attic. It was a good day tater. The investigators got there detective thing done and we headed to Burger King for the lunch we didn't have time to cook yet.

Back at the house, we watched the repair man pronounce the oven dead for the last time, we all paused for a moment of silence. The legendary meals cooked on/in ole sparky....like rubber chicken, fish soup and Dixon's famous Hot Dogs. We will miss you buddy. Special thanks to everyone at admin, service truck and light duty for the delivery of our new stove. Also thanks to Rico's on Shenandoah for the great pizza for dinner.

That's it for now everyone. We had another run for wires smoldering in the basement...thanks to an early catch the family is safe. Goodnight out there in Alaska to our fearless leader Captain Weeks who today and tomorrow is clubbing baby white seals. He says its not the thrill of the hunt with seals, but choosing the best stick, aluminum bat or fireplace poker to bash their little heads in. Rumor has it he is making seal mittens to give us all at Christmas this year. Can't wait.

Be safe out there everyone. Nitey nite from NW.


Anonymous said...

Those poor seals, he should be ashamed I did not know he was like that!!

Anonymous said...

It would be nice if citizen near the motel would ask, where are the fire trucks down the road at #13. It's a shame that there is a 1000 gal. engine there that could have put the fire out. Thats a lucky man! Glad that #9 was in house. That could have been a big fire. PAY OVERTIME TO STAFF THE TRUCKS ALREADY !!!!

Anonymous said...

who needs a 1000gals, 9 can do it with 500. Helluva a job by A shift.

Anonymous said...

It wasn't much fire, probably a good thing. Your missing the point. A shift or on A shift trucks are still OOS.

Anonymous said...

It isn't just A shift, it's every shift. Pay attention Hoback, someone, be it a Firefighter or a citizen is going to get hurt or killed if you don't put a stop to all these trucks being out of service, and these manpower cuts!

I hope you will be able to live with yourself when (not if) it happens!