Monday, April 27, 2009

2 down, 1 to go

Middle day of our cycle is coming to a close. You know by now how the days start, chores, etc. FF Dixon was sent to Station 14 for 24 hours where rumor is he had a code save. Great job Dr. Death! E3 finally beat us into THEIR first due today. There are many factors that helped them, we won't get into. Lets just say they must have some Irish luck with all that green station stuff.
The Engine got to break into a house to help a resident with a broken door knob, no Franks didn't climb in the window, Lt Good O had to. Even though FF "I am in compliance" Franks was eager to assist the resident in distress, he knew the only window he could fit through would be the Bay Window, after it was taken out! Among a few EMS calls and a Fire Alarm, the Engine stayed pretty steady. Medic 9 ran what seemed non-stop all day. Due to a precision Chinese fire drill at dinner time, Big Wheels and FF Noell had a break and got some grub. Well deserved after their day which included a Gold Alert MVC. Got a few pics from that scene for yous guys.
In closing we added a picture or two of our friend who came by to say hello, all the way from Joe's apartment. As you see, he helped with the dishes this morning C-shift left in the sink. I hope they sleep well tonight knowing they are responsible for the following mishap. Seems Joe's little buddy accidentally fell into the disposal and met his demise. R.I.P. little buddy.
Keep it in the house folks, Dixon we miss you......and everyone be safe out there!


Anonymous said...

I can NOT believe you guys live with those bugs, I would think that Roanoke would provide some kind of pest control for you guys??? Do they not have a company spray to keep the bugs out since you guys do actually reside in the station?

Anonymous said...

Yes they do spray. Just relax, we have learned to live peacefully with each other.