Thursday, April 16, 2009

Another WILD one for C-shift

Typical day for the Melrose Misfits. It's been one of those weeks. We've had shootings the last 2 days in a row, Gold Alerts, Trauma Alerts with a bizilion other calls in between. This morning started fairly normal. We've been working on the ol War Wagon a little this week and decided to give her a little shine today. Lt. Bug bought (with his own money) a little shine in a bottle and so the work began.He's a slave driver but the ol girl sure looks good! An old Captain of mine use to say so eloquently.."a clean truck is a happy truck". We even got to mow the grass this morning being it was such a beautiful day. Now as you've most likely figured out by now, not only do we work hard, we play hard as well. here's Wheezy scaring the crap out of Tyrone while mowing. Wheezy is behind the building and screams at Tyrone as he passes. Pay attention to Tyrone's knees. Turn your volume up and you'll hear Tyrone scream like a ..... well he screamed. So scared he couldn't even let go of the mower long enough to run away...enjoy


After lunch, the tempo picked up a little. We rode over to one of our training locations to continue some training on VES (vent enter search) and OVE (outside vent entry) techniques. Station #13 called and invited us to a pump drill as well but we were already committed and turns out that things didn't work out as planned (you'll see later). Anyway, we wanted to say thanks to the boys at #13 for the invite! Our training division also sent out a great video link this week that relates to our training today. Now, I know what some of you may be Engine Company doing "truck work" or ladder training? Well, in today's Fire Department, you never know what your assignment may be. It's not that uncommon to see an Engine doing truck work or a ladder company performing Engine duties. Bottom line is that any training we can get our hands on is a benefit and we'll take all we can get cause that's how we roll here at #9. Anyhow, here's the link...take the time to watch it here. And here's a few pics of our training.
Now, I mentioned that things didn't turn out as expected. I guess I should CMA and add a warning here. Content of this post past this point my be unpleasant for some viewers. If blood and guts make your little tummy feel funny do NOT read any further. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you but offer the following links for a more pleasurable reading experience. click here, here or here. So on to the gore. We had a little accident at the drill today. After taking the window with the ladder, Oppie positioned the ladder properly and ascended to finish cleaning it with his halogen before entering. This particular window had a metal center sash that needed a little "extra" force. Well, you guess it, Oppie was swinging for the fence and found some glass. Right through the glove and into his baby butt soft skin. Bled like a stuck pig! Funny how I never knew he doesn't like the sight of blood...well, not his anyway. The good news is that he stitched up well. 6 total and a future scar. I tried to pay the Doc to let me do the work but I don't think he fell for the story of me being a quilter, knitter and cross stitcher. I was also VERY disappointed that the staff allowed him NOT to put that little hospital gown on....that pic would have been priceless. So, here's the pics we did get... oh's an interesting note on the injury... Opie may now be the last patient ever transported out of Southern Manor! LMAO!
When I transmitted the injury to the Battalion over the radio, every company in the City was taking bets on who it was. You guessed it, Tyrone was the odds on favorite but for once was not involved. Tyrone did have the honors of treating Opie's wounds and as always, did one hell of a job. I often times depict Tyrone on the blog as the company "jokster" if you will and have not yet really shown or blogged on his other side. I'll just say briefly for now that both of our Medics (Tyrone and Coon) are top notch. I'll put ether's skills and work ethic against anyone. I was glad Tyrone was on scene today to care for Opie and wouldn't want anyone else had it have been me. I should also add that while at the ER with Opie, we missed a working fire. Medic 9 (Tyrone and Wheezy) was back in service and made it down to help our brothers at the 12th Street Express and, word is that the boys from #5 made quick work of the job. So, that said, we got Opie home and fixed him a nice T-bone steak to keep his mind off that throbbing thumb.
After dinner, we got our "work out" on. It's a tuff job and you have to be in top physical condition to survive. I usually don't join the boys because at 132lbs if I out lift em or something I know they'd feel bad and it would just add undue pressure on them to work harder. But today, I decided to take part. I went up stairs and changed into my work out uniform and when I came down to lift..... Well, I don't know what they thought was so funny but we couldn't work for laughing. I guess sometimes they forget that I have feelings. They also apparently don't understand the dangers of laughing at a man pressing 2..not 1 but 2 3lb dumbbells.

OK quit laughing!! that's enough for tonight. Everyone be safe and stay in the house. Capt. Wines


Anonymous said...

Priceless, I love seeing a grown man shrivel up like a little boy, and by the way who is that stud in shorts and boots, he is HOT!!!

Anonymous said...

We haven't had the last frost/freeze of the season I doubt and if I'm seeing those workout pictures correctly Capt. Wines isn't wearing his long johns. We'll it should be interesting to see what Meador can do with the Ol Man and beefing him up.

Anonymous said...

Did Ralph show up at the Hospital to tell Opie to "report to light duty in the morning"?

FireFleitz said...

I can't quit laughing!!!

Anonymous said...

Great video Captain Thanks for the link. Love this site! You guys seem to be on top of the game all the way around. I would do a little something about that tan though LOL Just kidding. BVL

Anonymous said...

this sh** has to be real. No way you guys could make this stuff up! funny as hell, keep bringing it and continue to keep it real

Anonymous said...

I can not believe you would scare a man like that!!! Just wrong!!! A-shift would never....oh I can't lie....that was awesome!!!

-Good O
(Mr. Saw Mask)

Anonymous said...

Isn't there something in the new SOP's about scrawny white guys with big mustaches having to be clothed at all times? It's got to be in here somewhere!