Friday, April 17, 2009

Hippies in the wire!!!!!!

Seems the enemy has made it into our station. FF Winter grabbed some OT on the power truck today and joined our crew for the day. Yes, looking at her picture, the hippie is eating steak! I have published the styrofoam plate usage by her before. Today she ran around leaving all the lights and T.V.'s on, I may have to publish the one where she is bashing baby seals. Seems the Hippie Hotel - Peace lovers are anything but. Lt. Broadway had called to say hi today. We compared pics of the area around the stations. He described the smell of the hush-puppies cooking over at LJ Silvers and we told him of the smell of Blunts and stale urine from our sidewalks. Chin up buddy.
E9 ran a code today with the power unit, our Intermediate Twins did a little 3rd person time. FF Gardner stopped by on loan from #13. Still remember when we told him to grab a vest from the back......must have heard about our reputation.......he thought we meant bullet-proof vest. No buddy, just the orange one so you don't get run over.

FF/EMT-I Noell finished up his physical today as seen in the pic. This is a shot of a very complex hand/eye coordination exercise. He passed. Well it's Friday night, we'll let you know how bad it got next day. Shooting last day, so we are expecting more. No worries FF Wheels is back, for all those who sent cards, gifts and cash he thanks you. Until next time, be safe.

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