Saturday, April 25, 2009

We have invaded the Hippie hotel!!!

Today is a glorious day. FF Noell has been sent to #3 to fill a spot for the second half of the shift. He is deep undercover gathering Intel from the fraudulent Hippies. Hopefully soon we can post more violations of the hippie code, by the green martians at #3.

Today was great, 85 and sun, sun, sun. Tonight however.....lets say we have started our assault calls in full stride. Both medic units were running their butts off as well as Engine 9. Gotta love and hate the great weather. All EMS calls so far. Last day of last cycle we had a decent basement fire. FF Noell was on the nozzle and made a quick knock down in a high heat basement fire. E9 arrived on scene backed up by the fellas on E5. L2, Batt 2 and 13 came to play as well.

Picture is of units on Melrose with P.D. working an assault call. First of the night.

That's all for tonight, more coming to yous next day. Be safe out there.


Anonymous said...

WHy is it called the Hppie Hotel?

Anonymous said...

It's a green station. They use rain water, have a compost, LED lighting, etc. Very environmentally friendly. So being all "love the earth" and what not....we nicknamed them hippies. I hear they even have a minnow pond now.