Tuesday, April 7, 2009


10 more hours and we're headed for a 4 day break! I can't wait. In typical fashion for this cycle, it's been a hectic day. The morning once again started with physicals at the City's Nurse's Office. Oppie, Bugg and Wheezy all got a stamp (or finger) of approval from Occupational Health. Good thing there's no psychiatric exam. Anyway, Wheezy also got his EMT-I learn on this morning so we had a fill in from #13 (and past member of #9) Todd Reliegh. Thanks for the hard work and tolerating all the switching etc. Todd. Today also marked the first day that we ( C-shift) got to work / run with our new renters, Medic Unit 101. They report for duty @ 09:00 but pick their unit up from over at station #4 ( because we have nowhere to park it). Well, as soon as they picked up the unit, marked in service and on air, guess what... got their 1st run of the day and, THEY THE RUNS KEPT COMING! They didn't make it back to the station until after 14:00. I guess the day's of "gravy" part- time work down at "The Big Show" are over. We did our best to make them welcome and comfortable but they didn't get to stay long...back on the road in less than 10 minutes! Here's a shot of our 2 part timers and their 2 ride along students... that's 9 bodies in the house today.
From left to right is Mark Cromer, Steve Melone, Jessica Creasy and Jose Kaniday. Thanks for knocking a chunk out of Medic 9's run load and for all the hard work guys! The Engine has stayed just as busy with EMS runs as well.. a band-aid here, a band-aid there and always sticky side down...that's just how we roll. We even caught a run with our Hippie buddies from over at station #3 ( or the Hippie Hotel ). The sad thing is that we both had to run all the way over to Stradford Park (station #4's territory) to see one another.
And yes...we beat them in as usual. That's about the most excitement we've had for the day. We've been anxiously awaiting the stroke of the 10 o'clock hour in hopes of catching the season premiere of Rescue Me. Check out the shows Official site here. If you've never watched it, and are interested in the job...it's worth the hour. That said, it's a FULL MOON tonight and that never ends well for the Melrose Misfits. So, we are trying to find someone to TEVO it for us JUST IN CASE!
Everyone be safe tonight and remember... Talk is cheap, it takes money to ride the train! Peace out


Anonymous said...

nothing on ANY of the blogs or rhetts site about chief ferris leaving today?!

FireFleitz said...

Sorry about that. I was busy yesterday and the beginning of today but I did finally get something on about Chief Ferris. Digging up the photos takes time, but I did find some decent ones.