Thursday, April 16, 2009

A Shift back at the wheel

First off, like to welcome back Matt Wheeling(Wheels) back from his light duty vacation and are glad to have him back. Captain is on vacation in some far off land getting some R & R probably fishing or playing golf. Don't worry Captain, Lt Daniel Goodwin(I am in charge cause the Captain is off and you will respect me) is taking good care of us and not letting any of us out of site for long. It has been a busy day right out of the gate with EMS inspections, physicals and EMS calls but with assistance from all three shifts here at 9 we passed the inspections with flying colors. We were visited briefly this afternoon by none other then Brad(soon to be Medic)Harris from B shift filling in for Wheels as he was in Medic class. Thanks Brad for your muscle during the MVA making sure nothing got out of hand. We almost got to lay down for some rest when E-9,M-9 and RS-1 got a GSW/Gold Alert to break the night up. So short post tonight with no pictures but maybe next day we will have a little more time to post but for now time for a nap before our relief gets here.

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Anonymous said...

Glad to have you back in the game Wheels.