Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A-Shift's cycle ends

We are almost outta here. At 0750 we are heading on our 4 day break. Today was a decent day. For the engine anyway. The box had Dixon and Franks working a code this morning and several EMS runs. They swapped into a reserve, fixed M9 and swapped again back into Medic 9. Dixon had his physical and is now officially the oldest man alive. Everyone else his age is dead.

The Hippies fought a structure fire with 6, 2, 14 and 5 today. Way to be 1st in Broadway with Engine 3. Great job. Unlike the above picture of Engine 9 sitting on scene in your first due, alone without even the faintest sound of sirens coming in the distance. Yeah I know, you were training.....and Dixon is a young buck! Funny as hell getting the text message excuse when we cleared.

Another pic was the new apparatus driven by the infamous John Blank. The new Training 3, hauling props to Southern Manor for some training. Gotta love it. Fit right in here at #9. Stop by anytime.

Well, time to rest. Great job out there on the working fire guys. Thanks to retired Captain Watts for coming by for lunch with us. Everyone else be safe out there!

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