Sunday, August 16, 2009

Easy like Sunday morning

It's been a peaceful return for C-shift thus far. Opie is off on vacation and nobody else had class etc. this morning so no fill-ins or anything away from the norm. I didn't post our last day due to pure laziness. About the biggest excitement around here lately happened last day (8-11-09) when our Medics ran a GSW with the men from the 12th Street Express. The guys did an excellent job and had the pt in the trauma room 14 minutes following dispatch! He had good vitals and was even talking, despite being shot in the chest. We also had a past member of station #9 fill-in for 16hrs last day. Craig Champney, now of The Big Show fame, returned to his ol stomping grounds for a short ride. From what I understand, "Chappy" is the creator of the Big Show's blog but was very shy and uncooperative about letting us get a pic of him for ours (we always try to post pics of our visitors, guest and / or fill-ins). Well, we did manage to snap one of him helping me with some technicals issues concerning our blog.

Everyone here reported an enjoyable 4-day break (the weather was perfect for a change). Wheezy has been crying a little about his legs being sore. Apparently the Ol Kick-ball league had a full schedule this weekend. I mentioned in an earlier post that he was in a league and off to training camp. It seems he was picked up early in the draft and made it through all the cuts. He is now a proud player for the "Free Ballers"!! LMAO I am working on a picture of him in his little outfit, uniform or whatever you call what you wear while playing kickball. I did however find one of his team mates... hope wheezy looks better in his.

Don't worry... there will be alot more posting and pics on this kickball stuff so stay tuned. I got a cool gift from a friend this morning. I have posted several times in the past about my morning web site / blog visit routine. Firegeezer has always been on that list and his "digital day room" is one of the few sites I hit regularly. Well, today I received one of his famous coffee mugs. Now, I happen to know he enjoys seeing where his mugs end up so here's a few pics just for him. The geezer (or at least his mug) has now made it to the Captains desk of The Melrose Misfits and sat upon our War Wagon. Hope he enjoys the pics.

Speaking of sites I visit, because of the lack of a posting last day I didn't get to mention a post from the Fire Critic. If you folks aren't hitting this site regular, you need to. It's post like this one that make it even that much more enjoyable.
I'll wrap it up tonight with a pic of Larry's shirt from shift break

We'll update if anything exciting happens tonight, until then.. don't take no wooden nickles! Capt. Wines

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Anonymous said...

Station 1 never updates their blog. All we get is a "Were still here" post once every 2 months. Boring. Maybe you should be teaching Craig instead of Craig teaching you.