Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Time to beef up the ol armor

Well, this is North West but the ol slogan of running out of "the knife and gun club" wont exactly fit anymore. We run our share of shootings and stabbings, everything from 22 cal to AK's and AR's. Hell, they advertise em in stock just up the street (click the pic for a larger view and read the sign).

But today we had a first. A live grenade. WDBJ7 made a brief mention of it on the 6 o'clock news or check out their report of the incident here. Nothing too exciting really, no detonation and best of all, no injuries. The Engine was called to assist PD which ended up being of Cities finest along with the State Police Bomb Squad. Nearby businesses were evacuated and safety zones established. Then, the waiting game. Here's a pic of the scene

It's not often we get the State guys in our neck of the woods (it's usually the feds..ATF or DEA). They did have a cool rig and only needed a 40 acre field to turn it around.

We also called in our little hippie friends from the Green House or Hippie Hotel as we like to call it. Medic #3 came and sat with us for a while just in case.

Then we got to thinking... just in case?? What if this thing really goes off?? What Medic do we have again??? Oh yea, it's #3. Then we got realistic..better call in some professionals.

LOL...just kidding #3, you guys (AND GAL) do a great job. Well after a hour or so of deciding what to do (other than NOT letting the Firemen remove and dispose of it)the bomb guys loaded up the pesky little explosive devise and hauled it off to where ever they haul stuff like that off to. We took up and headed back for lunch and Air conditioning. Oh, I guess I should also mention that we had a mixed bag of members today. Wheezy was off once again getting his EMT-I learn on. Opie is somewhere in Dollywood starring at Dolly's....errrr...ummmmm well he's in Dollywood and Bugg banged out sick. So, that meant we got the "banned blogger" Rhett Fleitz backwards on the Engine until class was over and "quiet as a mouse" McDonald for 24 on the Medic. Here's our 2 fill-ins

We also had a "ride a-long" for a few hours tonight. Add him and Medic Unit 101 and that meant 8 people around the table for dinner. We were thinking about running up the street to steal a church pew (kinda felt like the Waltons) but then we figured out if we stole a pew it would have to come from a church (I don't think #3 has a pew). Now we are "Misfits" and we will pilfer just about anything we need (or want bad enough) but stealing from a church?? Don't worry, we didn't! That ain't how we roll. We made due with some rolly chairs from the office and sat down to a really nice meal.

After dinner and cleaning the kitchen, it was up to our theater room for Popsicles and a movie. "Last House on the Left" is worth the watch...it works out in the end! I'll leave ya with Larry's shirt from shift break. I don't know where he gets em but I love em.

That's it for now, keep em in house and be safe. Capt. Wines

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