Saturday, August 29, 2009

We're back - A Shift

Engine 9 and Medic 9 got the daily duties done quickly and headed to the training center for a 0900 class on Strategy and Tactics hosted by Lt. T Gherman. Thanks for putting on a good class for us. Now we know what the heck a "4 block squared box thing" is! Who knew? I posted a pic of the new Ladder 7 who was in class with us. It's a sweet ride.

We got to visit our friends again at Melrose Towers (Medic 9's hangout)and Medic 3 came out to enjoy as well. Thanks guys. I posted a picture of my personal hero: FF/EMT-I Duanne "I am not fat, I am just HUSKY" Noell. Note how he is positioned in the lobby of Melrose Towers with his trusty EMS 'fix em'up bag'. The man is a natural! He would have probably set up a free clinic if we had more time.....the guy cares just that much.

Afterwards we ran a smell of gas on Hanover NW with E5 and L2. Got a pic up of that run. The rain is coming down now, hopefully it will keep everyone calm and indoors. We will see you guys next day, unless we win the lottery. Everyone be safe out there.

1 more additional picture....while waiting in line for our lottery tickets, Franks got suited up thinking it was gonna get violent in the Mega Millions line.


Anonymous said...

I guess since you posted this you didnt win

Anonymous said...

Thats one slow ass truck