Sunday, August 23, 2009

Post delay - A Shift

Sorry for the delay. I meant to post these pictures the other night but Mother Nature was a tad bitchy and through down some rain and lightning on us. We ran 8 on the engine with 3 after midnight. Medic probably tripled that, it was hard to keep up.
We had some fun in the EMS CE class early that day. Then started all the running and station duties. Here are some pics. My favorite is Dixon trying to fax something. Like a monkey working with a physics calculator. It was quite entertaining. Dinner time came and FF Noell enjoyed the Chicken Parm with a lightly crumbled Oreo topping. I put a pic on here of that master piece. Also, E9 on an alarm and our CSI incident when Police chased a bad guy into a house.
By the way hats off to Noell and Captain Weeks for using their master carpentry skills. They replaced the residents porch posts and made it so strong the next Chevy will bounce off of it! I only mention this due to the comments we have been hearing lately while doing our job. One too bad to post on here. Maybe it is just the summer heat. We get yelled at and cursed at. Treated like we are a pain in the rear for even showing up. Told we took our time on a 3 minute response from dispatch to arrival! I just wanted to point out that these guys do a great job and go above and beyond without so much as a thank you. Then run to the truck for the next one.
We'll see whats up today.....stay tuned folks. Be safe out there.

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