Sunday, August 23, 2009

Greetings from Station 902 A-Shift!

Yes, we are in Medic reserve 902 and Engine reserve 902 today. Seems only fitting to call it "Station 902". Although, I see we have a new sign in the captains office. It seems that area has been renamed the 'Voodoo Lounge'. I like it.

Today was a nice Sunday. Had a few runs, the guys from Station 5 came by for some burgers and home made peach ice cream. Good smack. A special thank you to Mr. Ronnie Gross at GROSS'S ORCHARD in Bedford,VA.
He supplied us with some fantastic peaches!

FF Wheels and Franks were off today. FF Boone from C-Shift traded a little time with Wheels and spent the shift with us. Got a picture of Boone with L to R: FF Fulton, FF Dixon, FF "I am just Husky" Noell, Captain Weeks, FF Boone, Lt. West and Captain "Is that really Engine 9 already? Swecker.

That's it for today, as Medic 9 heads back to Melrose Towers. Have a good break A-shift and everyone be safe out there.


Anonymous said...

Thats fantastic!!!!

Anonymous said...

scary looking bunch

Anonymous said...

the blog banner looks better w/o the color.