Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Middle day almost done for A-shift

It was pretty busy here today. Ran a few calls, got FF Noell some Intermediate time as well as FF Wheels some Paramedic time. Lt Good O ran to an officer class for a few hours tonight, after the company had some of Captain Weeks pump training this afternoon. Special thanks to FF Dixon Sr. for precepting the fella's. He has been there when ever they needed him. Good Job!
Captain Lussen and EMT-I Dixon Jr. were on Medic 101 today. They are seen in a MVC we had today in the pics. The maggots have retreated to fight another day, The beast got a bath and a few other minor things were done around here today. I have posted some pics of pump training and a shot of a surprise guest Lt. Crouch from #2. OOOOps sorry, the sleeves are rolled up and he is pushing out his chest so I thought it was Jason. No, it's Wheels having a little fun. You can tell it's him because he is so much bigger than our good friend Lt. (Guntar) Crouch.
I have also added an updated pic of the new 5. Finally pay attention to the hydrant buried in the bushes, that is what we call here in the city.....woodland firefighting! Good night everyone, stay safe and be careful out there.


Anonymous said...

Somebody isn't done with hydrants by the look of the weeds around the hydrant. Would be easy to miss that one.

Anonymous said...

If you don't have anything nice to say, please stay off of our website.
-Good O