Sunday, August 9, 2009

C-shift sweating out our middle day

It's been a long hot middle day for the Melrose Misfits of C-shift. I'm not sure what today's temperature was but it was HOT. It's been steady running for the Medic, sitting on 9 while the Engine hangs on to 4. I had the pleasure of spending the last of 4 Sundays getting my "learn on" out at our regional training center. Now typically, I wouldn't be too happy about sitting in a classroom for 4 days but with Instructors like Battalion Chiefs Adkins and Manual, who could complain? Forget the endless chapters, the HOMEWORK, those color in all the dots sheets from DFP, the ENDLESS chapters,the HOMEWORK, reading assignments, 7 page papers in some kind of funny "format", the HOMEWORK, endless chapters, and lets not forget the 7 page essay and oh yea..HOMEWORK. With Teddy and Roger at the helm, it was actually not that bad. Here's a shot of Chief Adkins in action.

While I was gone (and due to Wheezy being off on vacation ... he's away at kick-ball training camp) we had a fill in from The Deuce (remember?? The Deuce because 1 is never here and scroll down). Anyway, we got one of C-shift's newest members FF/EMT Ward. They made a few EMS runs and then caught a vehicle fire. I had my camera with me this morning so they didn't get any pics but I understand Ward did a fine job. I guess the boys did miss me though because they had me a present when I got back. A little "Bling" is always good because it adds points to your street credit.

We opened the barber shop after dinner with Lt. Bugg wielding the shears again. Just like with Tyrone ( here and here )Things didn't look so good for Coon in the be the judge

The good news is that it turned out ok. I was checking out my regular web sites / blogs this evening and found some really good smack. Anyone who knows me knows I'm sort of a FDNY buff. Well, firefighterspot has some GREAT vintage photos of the FDNY in action. Here's the direct link to the post, scroll to the bottom of the pic, look right and click view all images or just click here. I also found this really cool T-shirt over at the Happy Medic Again, scroll towards the bottom of the page and look at the right side bar.

You can purchase this shirt here
Well, that's enough for tonight, it's back to the hay fields again tomorrow. I have the Buckaroo in farm training as well as FD training. I'll end with a few shots from yesterday of the little fella helping out and doing what he seems to do best...EATING LOL

Stay in the house, if not remember to keep your members hydrated and cool. Get that gear off of em a soon as possible. BE SAFE! Capt. Wines

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