Wednesday, November 25, 2009


The hiring process for the City is now complete and we have 11 new conditional employees. I'm going to give you the list now and maybe talk a little more about them / the process etc in tonight's post. Honest answer is that I wanted to get the list out before the "famed", "noted arthur", "blogger", "pod caster","mobile video caster", "mouth of the south" Rhett Fleitz got his grubby little paws on it...LOL!
Anyways, here's the list, CONGRATULATIONS, GOOD LUCK and BEST WISHES to them all.
A. Helems *
J. Dixon*
C. Walsh
J. Anuszkiewizz*
B. Wasson*
G. Crabb*
B. Hodges
J. Walker
M. Akers*
J. Lonnemann
( * denotes Medic ) Regular C-shift post this evening, catch it here or now via Face Book or Twitter. Capt.


Anonymous said...

6 medics, wow, congrats to all that made it and good luck

RFD9 said...

J. Kaylor is in the final stage of getting his Medic and should have his certification by rookie school. Once he does that will make 7. So keep up the hard work Kaylor and obtain your certification.

Anonymous said...

i call bs on rhett saying he had info the day before because not all the top picks accepted the offer and went elsewhere.So that info wouldnt have been availible till after 9am the morning of the offers.congrats to everyone

Anonymous said...