Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A-Shift Day 1

It was a busy last day of last cycle. So busy that we didn't have time to Blog. We ran 14 calls and had a break long enough to wish Chief Troutt a happy retirement.
It started with several flooded basements. A GSW run, vehicle fire and wrapping up the night (morning), was a working fire with the Southies. It was a crazy day with not much of a break. I gotta admit, it made the shift fly.

Today we started with a few hours of training on the "Great Gas Grill", a.k.a. the new gas fueled burn building. Thanks to Lt. Gherman, Captain Mutter and 1Lt Arrington on some decent training. E9 and M9 got to do several evolutions with our Southie friends, M7 and Ladder 7. I am not sure if we see them more during training or on working fires. Always glad to see them, either way.

I am gonna wrap this up tonight while I am listening to our friends down the road run a chimney fire. If we get anything going tonight I will try to post some pics. Have a good night and be safe out there.

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