Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Rain Rain.... Here's to another a day....or two.

I'll start by saying sorry for not posting last day. The captain is off and we had a busy day switching trucks. We started the day as normal as Mondays can be. Franks was still working for Coone and began the morning check of the truck. He noticed a tire a little low and checked pressures only to find out the inside of tire was FLAT! So it's off to the garage and to pick up a reserve. Here's where the fun begins!

We get equipment swapped and head to the store for lunch and dinner goodies. Get back lunch prepared and eaten and get the call to go pick up the War Wagon. We're excited cause nobody likes to be in a reserve. We get the ol' gal back and while preparing some Kool-aid pie we here a hiss from the bay. Turns out there is a 3" gash in the sidewall of the tire that was flat. Apparently you have to request to have the tire checked for damage after it's gone flat. Otherwise it's just filled with air and sent on it's way.

A quick call to the BC and we're off to the land of reserves again. a.k.a. Historic Station 1. Equipment swapped, and a quick explanation to the mechanic of where the gash is located, followed by a look of these firemen are crazy and something along the lines of " I don't doubt you guys that there's a leak, I just don't hear it". Good news is we got our truck back at 2100hrs and things could be worse.....

The night did get better. Alex are part-timer from MU101,(hopefully soon to be full-timer). Dropped off some delicious steaks that were "like butta". A huge thanks to Alex for a great dinner and best of luck!

Today has been slow, figures since I remembered my camera today. The guys have been all a stir like kids before Christmas. Wheezy is about to move in to his new home. Coone has been off forever and just got back. Tyrone and Opie are headed off to "Deer Camp" Friday.

Tyrone has got the hook up for camp, he has been making a list of needed items. Trying out possible recipes here at the station and counting down second by second. All in hopes of finding "THE TROPHY"

Really not much else to pass on. If anything good happens. I'll try to get some pics up tomorrow. I will leave with this link to the Happy Medic and the EMS Chronicles. If you haven't checked his site out or this project please do it's very impressive.

Also a shout out to Mr. Policeman for the kind comment and checking on us regularly.

Everyone stay safe. Lt. Bugg

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Anonymous said...

Is that a picture of Engine 6 doing swift water training?