Saturday, November 28, 2009

Middle day for A-Shift and we retire another 2 men.

It's a nice clear Saturday here in NW Roanoke City. We started the day off with a little breakfast, and a EMS run for a seizure. Only to find Medic 9 had a Working Code. FF/EMT-I Duanne "Just keep Dixon away and I can save him" Noell had the lead on a Code Save today. With Franks, Capt. Weeks, Dixon, Lt. Crouch (RS1), and myself on scene, Noell had all kinds of hands. They did a great job and got him back.

In other news, FF/Paramedic Hank Pfister is retiring after serving Roanoke City since 1985. He is eating his final dinner at Station #4 as we speak. Take care Hank and congratulations!

We are also saying good bye and congratulations to Lt. Leroy Edwards after serving Roanoke City since 1975. I believe he is working his whole shift tonight on Ladder #13. Both guys had plenty of visitors come by and say farewell. We hate to see them go.

Enjoy the pics, note that Hank wore his old shirt from 1985 on his last day. Nice touch. Some guys like Jerry can't even fit in their original shirts after 5 years! Good night folks and be safe out there.

P.S. FF Noell didn't retire...there was just some more free food.

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