Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Middle day for A-shift

Hey everyone, sorry for the pause. We had a decent day. We started with a working fire. We ran over to help the Southies but we got let go pretty quick. Anytime fellas. We had a MVC and some EMS fun.

Tonight we got to kick back and enjoy the rain. It helps Dixon sleep. He has had a hard day riding backwards. Bevo is off but stopped by to join us in hosting a farewell steak dinner for Battalion Chief Troutt. Last day of this cycle will be his last actual day working. He plans on doing the whole 24, so stop by the Deuce and say goodbye.
On a happier note, Engine 9 is back! John snapped a pic that captured the moment. I was so happy to get her back. She was gone too long. She understood why we left her in that cold dark place and fell into my arms for a kiss on the cheek. She runs better than ever and all is well. Life is good.

The other pic is from our gang sitting down to break bread one last time with the Chief. Goodnight folks, be safe out there.


Anonymous said...

is that Mac sitting beside Wheels?

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Good Luck Chief