Friday, November 27, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving from #9

Happy Thanksgiving from A-Shift. It's our first day back. We started out a little slow, but the pace is picking up. We have run a few alarms, and a ems call on the Engine. Medic 9 is doing business as usual. Keeping with the holiday spirit, Engine 9 GAVE the Hippies an opportunity to be first in. Yep in the giving spirit, we let the tree huggers turn in front of us at the intersection. P.S. only E3, we're not that nice. M3 had to wait their turn. Just kidding Broadway...we knew you had us. ;)

A special thank you to the Fellowship Community Church and Operation Turkey Drop. For quite a few years now they have been providing Roanoke Valley Public Safety with complete Thanksgiving meals, from the turkey down to the dessert. Imagine all of the Police, Fire stations, etc. in the Valley. They have volunteers delivering meals to everyone. That's very impressive and we thank them very much.

For pictures, not too much today. Here are a few with the fella's hanging out in the office, and a call at the Towers. Everyone keep it in the house tonight. Wheels, enjoy the vacation, see you next cycle. Be safe out there.

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