Saturday, November 14, 2009

Picking up the pace

It's the first day back for the C-shift Misfits and it's been a long one. Heck, it's been a long week. I don't know why, but business has definitely picked up lately here in "the Noke". Our house alone has seen 5 jobs in the last 7 days. I'm not sure about the other shifts (I don't get the City text messages) but on C-shift, the Southies have had a few others that we don't run. Caught a notable one this afternoon though. Companies were sent to our local Pet Smart for a report of a fire inside, near the rear of the building. Some companies were at the far end of their district and that led to The 12th Street Express making it in first with us right behind them. Engine 5 had smoke showing on arrival and reported heavy smoke from the interior. A cool note here is that a past Misfit was on scene and helping to evacuate the building. Mark Brown (from E5) said he was met at the door by none other than former #9 member Josh Holmes (you may also remember Josh from our dish washer chronicles). Josh had removed some animals, assisted occupants and reported to Brown the location of the fire. Brown said you could tell that Josh had been working and even wanted to go back in with them. Just like old times huh Josh?
We caught a hydrant, supported the sprinkler system and forced entry from the rear. Things got pretty busy for a minute or two. Coon is off at hunt camp and tricked an A-shift Misfit into trading some time, so Big Jerry "Beans" Franks is riding backwards for us today. I was scheduled off for vacation but Opie has been crying about not having enough time off to hunt ever since his neighbor killed the "big one" out from under him, so I gave him the day. I have to admit that with Beans being from the house, it has been just like having one of my boys with me. He makes a good fit and worked his butt off today. Above, I mentioned forcing entry and I know what some of you will say ... "that's truck work". Well, I think I've mentioned it in a much earlier post, but we carry a K12 on the War Wagon. We have alot of security bars etc in our 1st due plus, we often pull the saw for car fires (to cut and raise the hood). Anyhow, the saw came in very handy again today with no ladder truck in the rear. Battalion 1 (Chief Beckner) was chomping at the bit while we cut the roll up door and then made entry with us establishing "Interior Operations". A decent smoke condition inside while the sprinkler system kept the fire in check. Still, a LOT of work. Pet Smart is located in a 26,040 sq. foot building with an estimated value near $4 million. A lot of smoke, and a LOT LOT LOT of water. Everyone there did a bang up job. Engine 5, the "Hippies" from up at the "Green House" Engine and Medic(less Winters who missed yet another one), The Big Show's Engine 1, The "Deuce" (Ladder 2), Lucky Ladder 13, Medic 101, Ladder 7, Engine 1, Battalions 1 and 2, RS1, the service truck and Fire Marshall. All total, about 32 personnel. Here's a few pics..

Here's one of me and Beans catching a breather and the War Wagon doing her thing (sure is good to have the ole Gal back)

Another interesting story about the fire involved 2 women whom I thought were medic or nursing students. These 2 Young ladies were working their tails off helping anyway they could. One even changed my bottle. Well, apparently they were not students. Bugg got the shot and the 411. He was so impressed with their hustle, he stopped and asked their story. He didn't get their names but they are actually applicants for our Department. They have participated in our recent hiring process and wanted to come out for a ride-a-long to see what it is like here and how we operate. I believe they rode in with Battalion 1. Anyway, Bugg said they did a great job and we wanted to say good luck in the hiring process and THANKS for the effort and help today. Here's their pic.

I'm gonna wrap it up here. It's late, we're sitting on 5 or 6 including the fire and a "code blue". Business is picking up at the "club" across the street so it looks like we ain't getting much rest tonight. I will add that as far as I'm aware of, all of the animals at Pet Smart survived. Pretty amazing for the amount of smoke. We will also have an update to this post in the next day or so because we have a video of another Roanoke Fire Department invention.... a very VERY high tech squeegee... you're gonna LOVE it. Stay safe and in the house.. Captain Wines


Training said...

One of them Vols at Cave Spring Fire. Should be a good one, most of them are trained well from there.

Anonymous said...

Hell of a job.

Anonymous said...

Water and smoke removal come on guys!!!!

Anonymous said...

Both of the ladies are currently volunteer firefighters at Cave Spring Volunteer Fire Dept in Roanoke County. Their names are Jos Merideth and Carly Walshe. They are both outstanding firefighters and proudly serve our community!