Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Last day for A-Shift: 2 promotions / 1 more retired

We started out today by sending our up and coming Paramedics, FF/I Noell and FF/I Franks to their Paramedic class for the day. Medic 101 returned home for a short stay to fill in for Medic 9. Thanks to Capt. Lussen and Paramedic Rogers for helping us out.
We have run a few today, most of the usual stuff. Sorry no award winning photo ops today.....well on scene anyway. Back at the house we had yet another retirement. No matter how hard we tried, one of our recliners has bit the dust and we can't repair it. "Old Sparky" has found a new home down in the bay until he can make it to the curb. I snapped a picture of him awaiting the final day. Good luck buddy, thanks for being there for us.

The other announcements are the promotions of Battalion Chief James Firebaugh and Battalion Chief Terry King. Congratulations go out to both Chiefs.
On an unfortunate note, our very own FF/I Noell has fallen ill. As much as he tried to stick it out, we had to send him and his projectile vomiting home. To show my concern, I stayed with him through out his ordeal here at the house, documenting everything of course...........Here we have the initial onset, as seen from an elevated angle over the bathroom stall door:

Yuk! Gotta get that digested turkey taste out of my mouth! If I can make it to my truck......I'll be ok.

Damn! So close! Here I go again.....

......and again........

........and again!

No worries, we received confirmation that he arrived home safely. Get well soon Bevo! As for the rest of us....be safe out there, and have a good night. We'll be back Saturday.

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